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thanks for being here.

I feel ambivalent about running myself and my art through the capitalism machine; I'm pulled so strongly toward posting my collages and sharing them with people because I want the rush of connection with someone, not because I'm passionate about making money from my hobby. The commodification of the artistic impulse is a little gross when we think about it on the macro level, and I'm uncomfortable with the ways in which it becomes a symptom of the gig work economy and hustle culture.

At the same time, I'm a joyous participant in the Portland, Oregon artists/makers scene; this means I share beautiful, weird, important art via things like postcards and stickers all the time. It's a way to engage in collaborative meaning making with the people that help you create your community in real time. What a magical thing. And, as it turns out, it costs some money to be a part of that magical thing.

That said: Whether it's with a quick glance at my collages or with an order from the shop below, thank you for being here with me to make some meaning together.

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